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自2018年5月18日,BCH通过硬分叉开放了更多的OPCODE操作码及扩容了OP RETURN字段之后,BCH上的应用蓬勃发展。8月1日发布的虫洞协议,旨在不改变协议共识的基础上,实现发TOKEN和智能合约。

截止2018年8月8日,基于EOS的 DApps已经收录了224个(EOSindex统计);基于Ethereum(以太坊)的 DApps已经有1791个(State of the DApps统计);基于BCH的Web和App已经有89个(Devs.Cash统计)。应用落地方向涉及到社交、金融、健康、能源、存储、身份认证、游戏娱乐、预测等领域。

EOS Tribe发布的EOS DAPP生态图




大赛分会场:Top Brains论坛、Max Creativity创新应用展示
Top Brains论坛:业界顶级大咖将现身分享专业知识,同时设置圆桌论坛,和顶级大咖一起共同展望区块链的未来。
Max Creativity环节:来自不同区块链社区的顶尖技术团队,将在现场为观众展示前沿的区块链创新应用,一起探索区块链应用的无穷奥秘。

福州mempool战队获得上届大赛冠军,赛后获得了投资机构投资。他们开发的基于比特币现金(Bitcoin Cash)面向 URI 付费的浏览器插件和系统,突破了常规付款方式的限制,大幅降低了支付的障碍,有利于BCH的使用和链上支付,也能和下一个内容和文件的风口紧密结合起来,比如看一集美剧付一小笔费用,能极大的推动数字产权保护付费的发展。



上次大赛邀请到了区块链业内的顶级大咖作为评委和嘉宾,其中包括莱比特矿池BTC.TOP CEO江卓尔、上海挖易联合创始人李培才、奥派经济学和自由主义的普及者布尔费墨、比特大陆姜家志、币赞创始人刘爱华、Node区块链加速器创始合伙人李晋、元界前副总裁李明泽、EOS原力发起人孤矢等。


谷歌联合创始人Larry Page曾说过:这是一个伟大的时代,在你的一生中可以疯狂些,跟随你的好奇心,积极进取。 

Ten years ago, Satoshi put forward the concept of "block" for the first time. By the time of the blockchain 3.0 era, blockchain has burst into flourish. 

Since May 18, when BCH opened more OPCODE and expanded OP RETURN through hard forks, applications on BCH have flourished.The wormhole protocol, released on August 1, aims to issue TOKENs and smart contracts without changing the agreement consensus.

By August 8, 2018, there have been 224 EOS-based DApps (EOSindex Statistics).There have been 1791 DApps based on Ethereum (State of the DApps Statistics).There are already 89 BCH-based Web and apps (devs.cash statistics).Application direction involves community, finance, health, energy, storage, identity authentication, game entertainment, prediction and other fields. 

However, compared with the traditional mobile Internet, the blockchain applications are poorly few. For developers, entrepreneurs and investors, the blockchain application market is still a blue sea. 

According to data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China, by the end of May 2018, there were 4.15 million mobile apps on the Chinese market, and over 1.82 million domestic apps on ios alone. At the same time, there are hundreds of millions of active daily users like WeChat. 

In terms of mobile Internet applications, blockchain application development has just begun.To push forward the development of blockchain technology and blockchain application, we need developers rich in the spirit of geek to fulfill the mission of this era. 

Only this group of people whose lives are made up of innovation and technology can bring blockchain from the top of the bubble into all aspects of real life. 

In order to promote the development of blockchain technology and blockchain applications, Gaici Blockchain Labs, in conjunction with the BCH Community, Mars Finance, Golden Finance and Industrial Internet Branch of China Electronic Commerce Association officially launch the Global Blockchain Geek Contest. 


Gaici Blockchain Labs

BCH Community

Mars Finance

Golden Finance

Industrial Internet Branch of China Electronic Commerce Association 


Consensus Laboratory 


The Contest will invite outstanding teams from different countries and different communities to participate. Each team will develop works related to the blockchain during the Contest according to the rules of the competition. In addition to getting rich rewards, the winning team will also have the opportunity to obtain investment from investors. 


Speeches & Roundtable Forum: Developers and KOL form different blockchain communities will give speeches, and the Contest will hold Roundtable Forum 

Innovative Application Show: Top technology teams from different blockchain communities will present innovative blockchain  applications to the audience , and explore the infinite mysteries of blockchain applications together. 


From June 1st to June 3rd, 2018, the BCH Geek Contest was successfully held in Hangzhou, China. In that contest, there were 12 teams participating in the competition. There were college teams, developers from companies, programmer couple. 

The Mempool team won the first prize and got investment after the contest. They developed BCH-based URI-paid browser plug-ins and systems that broke the limits of regular payment methods, significantly reducing the barriers to payment, facilitating the use of BCH and chain payments, as well as closely combining with content and document. For example, when you want to watch a set of American dramas you should pay a small fee, which can greatly promote the development of digital property rights protection. 

The TokenDice project of the GON team from Hangzhou is one of the runners-up in the competition. The project has already received investment during the competition. Their team members have a deep technical background and have conducted in-depth research on BCH opcodes and smart contracts. The application for the gambling industry has a very broad development prospect. 

The team of sophomore students from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications developed the "Shell Collection" works with experience beyond the student stage. Its product ideas are clear and the planning function is perfect. On-site guests expressed their willingness to invest in the team. 

That competition invited blockchain masters as judges and guests, including: Jiang Zhuoer(CEO of BTC.TOP), Li Peicai(Cofounder of Shanghai Wayi) ,Pourfemme(well-known economicsof  Austrian school and popularization oflibertarian political philosophy), Jiang Jiazhi(from BITMAIN), Liu Aihua(founder of theBIZAN), Li Jin(Cofounder of NodeBlockchain Accelerator), Li Mingze(Former vice president ofMetaverse), Gu Shi(Initiator of EOSFORCE.io)  etc. 

During the competition time, there held a summit forum composed of invited judges and honored guests of the contest. It focused on topics such as changes brought about by the Blockchain, the training of blockchain technicians, and the prospects of BCH & EOS applications. The participants brought 10 keynote speeches and 2 roundtable forums to share substantial information for those blockchain fans. 

Google co-founder Larry Page once said: This is a great era, you can be crazy in your life, follow your curiosity, and be aggressive. 

Don't give up on your dreams. The Global Blockchain Geek Contest has been set up and welcome to show.

The organizers of the contest are now officially give invitaion to the world. Welcome more developer teams, cooperative medias, investment institutions, sponsors to contact us. 




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